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Winches and Wisdom. Why it Matters..... Need a winch? During the Fall season many ATV owners and prospective ATV owners are looking at getting a winch for their atv. It is like an ATV owners right of passage. But what winch do you buy, and what are the differences in the variety of winches out there? It can all be very confusing, but it need not be. Let’s start out by saying right off, a $59.00 winch is just that, a $59.00 winch. Chances are it does not have serviceable parts, has a high plastic content, and is worth $59.00. ‘Nuff said there. “But what about the major name winch I saw at the big box store that looks just like the one you sell (even goes by the same model number) but costs $100.00 or even $150.00 less? Aren’t you just ripping the consumer off that extra $100 - $150 dollars?” That is a good question and I am glad you asked. We ran into this situation before. Turns out the big box store major name winch had a PLASTIC housing (looked like steel but wasn’t) and NYLON internal gearing. Sure it looked the same, but would you rather have a plastic casing or genuine STEEL? And when your ATV is stuck in a mudpit and you need your winch to not fail you, do you want NYLON internal gearing, or genuine STEEL gearing? Bottom line: Research research research before you buy. If you can at all afford a major manufacturer winch, buy it. It will have user serviceable parts and a good warranty, and will save you money and headaches down the road.

  ATVs 1338 4.92 04/17/2013
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  ATVs 1482 4.92 04/01/2014
  Snowmobiles 605 4.93 03/01/2014
  Utility Vehicles 220 4.96 09/15/2013

  ATVs 745 4.94 02/09/2014
  Motorcycles 4316 4.88 04/14/2014
  Scooters 237 4.92 04/22/2014

  Watercraft 193 4.95 12/12/2013

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